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What Is An Extractor Or Header?

A header is a specially designed exhaust manifold replacement, which improves engine efficiency and power by allowing the exhaust gases to escape from each cylinder, in a faster more efficient manner.


Factory fitted exhaust manifolds are mass produced items which sacrifice engine efficiently and power output in favour of low cost production. The result of these restrictive manifolds are excessive turbulence and back pressure, reducing fresh intake volumes into the combustion chamber, making the motor work harder to gain power.


Less fresh intake = Low efficiency / Reduced power / Higher strain on motor / Higher engine temperatures


Headers are designed to increase power and economy by allowing the exhaust gases to flow freely from each cylinder, therefore increasing the amount of fresh intake charge into the combustion chamber.


Fresher intake = More efficiency / Increase power / Less strain on motor / Reduced engine temperatures

Performance Extractors, Perth WA
Header Design and Benefits

Not all headers are created alike. Different designs can have a great effect on engine performance. Many factors are used to determine header design and specifications including engine size, vehicle weight, gearing and expected RPM range are considered in the development process.


There are two different design styles to suit the different requirements of motorists.


Just about any vehicle will benefit from a set of extractors. In most cases, the benefits are better fuel economy and more power.


Contact Genie Exhaust to discuss what Extractor will best suit your needs.




The fitment of headers is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways of improving a car’s overall performance characteristics. Depending on what and how you drive, it may also save $$$ at the petrol pump.

4WD Owners, Caravan and Trailer Owners

4WD Owners


Many 4WDs can seem underpowered, not only in off-road conditions, but in day to day driving as well. When towing a boat or caravan, running up the beach or tackling that bush track, you need some extra ‘GRUNT’.


By removing the standard exhaust manifold and fitting headers, you will notice increased power, performance and fuel economy. In addition, headers will not crack under the strain from tough off-road use.


Caravan and Trailer Owners


If you ever crawled up a hill towing a van or trailer with an endless stream of traffic backed up behind you, or climbed hills with the car constantly having to change gears, then you will understand the benefits of fitting a high quality set of headers. Fitting a set of headers can increase horsepower, making your engine run more efficiently, possibly cooler and inevitably save you money at the petrol pump as well.

General Motoring

For every day suburban driving, the benefits of fitting headers are numerous:

Improved throttle response – better take-off ability

Motor runs more efficiently

Improved fuel economy

High Performance Vehicles

Genie Exhaust has been involved in many aspects of motorsport over the past few decades and our commitment to take the knowledge gained in the motorsport arena and put it into practice on header design is still an important facet of our business.


There is a range of high performance headers to suit many applications from our Try-y or interference design through to tuned length headers.


Depending on your requirements, there may be up to three or four different designs to suit one particular vehicles/engine combination.


Any motor will benefit from a good header system, but when you have a high performance engine, you need every component to perform. Genie Exhausts understand this so feel free to contact us to discuss what will best suit your needs.

Turbo Vehicles

Genie Exhaust can supply or custom make turbo manifolds and/or dump pipes. Contact the friendly Genie Exhaust team to discuss your requirements.

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