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No Salespeople Just Tradespeople

The Sound of Excellence since 1981

Genie Exhaust can provide a  Solution    to nearly every problem, there is not too much we can not help with

Worried about leaving your pride and joy with us at Genie Exhaust? Don’t be, we get that passion better than most, because we own some pretty special cars too. At Genie Exhaust we have things in place to protect your investment from guard and seat covers, great insurance cover, security and CCTV through to employing trade qualified and licensed repairers.

At Genie Exhaust we have a real passion for old school cars, muscle cars, hot rods, performance cars and classics but don’t be fooled by our specialties, we happily apply that passion and knowledge to anything with an engine, even the odd aeroplane engine, coffee machine or boat.


Way back in 1981 Genie Performance Exhaust began under the leadership of Dianne Davenport.  After many years of growing the brand and establishing an enviable reputation within the automotive industry Dianne decided to retire in 2010 and hand the reins to Tony and Gillian Argentino.

Tony had worked with Di for many years, so it seemed like the sensible progression to buy the business and continue to provide the skill and outstanding service Western Australians have come to know of the Genie brand.

Tony is a qualified and licensed Mechanic with extensive experience in old school and performance vehicles.  His passion for these cars knows no bound but he happily applies that passion and knowledge to anything with an engine, even the odd aeroplane engine, coffee machine or boat.

He enjoys passing on his experience and knowledge to many but particularly the work experience kids that come to the workshop through the year from the local schools, these kids are the future of the industry after all and in fact one of the previous work experience kids is now the apprentice.

When not working to make your vehicle sound and run great Tony can be found enjoying any number of car related or motorsport events around town, and being a former racer himself understands the importance of looking for every performance gain.  Genie Exhaust are also huge supporters of local motorsport talent and enjoy watching our customers achieve their dreams. Their participation is what we enjoy most as it’s not always about winning but making sure you have had a great time and get to go home safe to do it all again next time.

Tony prides himself on being an honest and upfront kind of bloke who does not like speaking bulltish, so Genie customers can be assured you will be heard, your questions answered and the job nothing short of fantastic that’s why we say no salespeople just tradespeople.

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