Performance Intercooler Vehicle Testing in Perth

Dyno Testing

Our dyno can be used for ‘before and after’ testing of your new exhaust system. It can also be used to measure the power and torque of your vehicle or test your Speedo.

Diagnostic Services

  • Noise (db) testing
  • Cat convertor testing with heat probe
  • Exhaust trouble shooting
  • Vehicle noise Testing
  • External noise, vehicle noise generated testing

Standard Replacement Exhaust Systems

We offer a same day or while-you-wait service for standard replacements.  Our comfortable waiting area has a TV and drinks available for those who prefer to wait.

FREE Inspection and Quotes

We can provide an inspection and detailed quotation for any recommended repairs to your vehicle.  In addition we are happy to discuss any specialty job requirements you may have.


We offer a full service workshop and can do all mechanical repairs and servicing.  Our Mechanics are qualified tradesman and registered repairers under the West Australian consumer protection requirements.  


FREE Loan Cars

A FREE loan car can be provided for those who don’t have the time to wait or might require a vehicle to get to work or the kids to school.  Please phone ahead if you would like to reserve a loan car as they are very popular.


Performance intercooler being worked on in Perth