When you find yourself with the daunting choice with all the different types of mufflers on the market today - think Genie Exhaust and give us a call. Our friendly staff can advise you on what will best suited to your vehicle and/or application.

Some of the different types of Genie Mufflers available are:

Megaflow: this straight through design is the least restrictive and also usually the loudest.

Y-Pipe: a version of the megaflow featuring a 2 in 1 design that merges the gases efficiently.

X-Pipe: this as a twin megaflow with a crossover system within the muffler. The x-design crossover works to accelerate the gases.

Chambered: gives a deeper note and is not as loud as a megaflow.

Baffled: this creates back-pressure and is most efficient at silencing.

Plug and Plate: used for industrial mufflers and forklifts where excessive heat is an issue.

Twin Systems: can use any of the above internal designs.

Noise Restrictions: designs to suit even the strictest noise control standards.

Extreme Power: internal designs and materials to handle extreme gas velocities.

Extreme Conditions: fully rust resistant internal materials suitable for commercial marine applications.

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