Thrust Monkey Benefits

Legendex Thrust Monkey

 ThrustMonkey 400 v2

The Legendex Thrust Monkey

This little guy is smart & agile with fiendishly fast reactions - so naturally we called him the Thrust Monkey. 

Why do you need Thrust Monkey?

You put your foot down to overtake or pull away from the lights - but your 4WD takes its time to wake up, it has a little think, a yawn and a scratch and then ambles leisurely off. That's throttle lag and the Thrust Monkey fixes it.

You are in low range off-road and gingerly negotiating up over a large rock. You need to give it more power but you don't want to lurch or go too far too quickly. Or you're losing traction in sand because the throttle is just too aggressive to maintain traction. You need greater throttle sensitivity and Thrust Monkey gives it to you.

You're towing and merging with fast traffic but your 4WD is so sluggish about responding to the accelerator it is verging on dangerous. You really need Thrust Monkey to make your throttle more responsive.

How does Thrust Monkey work?

Thrust Monkey kills accelerator lag and gives you grunt on demand. Thrust Monkey modifies the acceleration curve on electronic throttle controlled 4WDs. It enables you to choose how your 4WD responds to your accelerator. From more aggressive response and acceleration - to more sensitive and delicate control - and 21 variations in between.

Thrust Monkey curves v1

Chart represents the Thrust Monkey modes (throttle curves) versus a stock factory throttle curve and a cable throttle. 

  • OFF-ROAD MODE ... Extra-sensitive control for low-traction surfaces and low- range rock-crawling. Doubles as economy mode for long-distance cruising.
  • TOWING MODE ... Instant response for decisive, safer overtaking and merging.
  • SPORTS MODE ... High-performance response for grunt-on-demand. 

Precise control 

Precise throttle control for agile off-road & delicate low range driving.

Instant response 

Instant response for decisive, safer manoeuvres and overtaking.

Adjustable curves 

Adjustable to 21 throttle curves for total control - 3 main modes x 7 fine curve adjustments per mode - plus factory curve.

Removes accelerator lag

Get rid of that annoying & dangerous accelerator lag.

Change settings on the move

Fast & easy adjustments on the move with a simple press of the illuminated button. 

More Accessible Power

Thrust Monkey does not give your engine more power, but it makes what power you have more avaiable and easier to control. In reality that really feels and acts like more more power and improves your driving experience.

Easy DIY installation

Just follow the easy instructions for simple plug and play. No wiring, or electrical knowledge required. 

10 Year Warranty

Each Thrust Monkey carries the unrivalled Legendex 10 Year Off-Road Warranty. 

Will not void your new car warranty

The Thrust Monkey operates within the engine computer's safety parameters so it will not void your new car factory warranty.