5 Reasons to Choose Legendex

1. Legendex is the toughest on the market 

01 Flat bar hanger captionBreaking an exhaust miles from anywhere can be an unpleasant experience – choking fumes, excessive noise and often a big loss of power. Constant vibrations from unsealed corrugations or off-road driving can be deadly on exhausts – cracking or breaking if they’re not built ultra-heavy-duty. Legendex is the toughest exhaust out there.


• 409 grade stainless mandrel-bent tube sourced from the same mill that supplies Toyota
• The strongest heavy-duty brackets & hangers built to cradle the pipe & to absorb vibration
• 12mm thick turbo flange, low profile 2-bolt connector flanges for maximum clearances
• 800 degree thermal coating on the tube
• Ceramic coated hand-crafted dump pipes
• 30% thicker dump pipes than other dumps
• Heavy-duty diesel cats with high-flow 200 cell stainless cores (not ceramic) & heat shield
• Heavy-duty stainless mufflers with stainless-wool wrapped internals never need re-packing

2. Greater power gains for improved towing & fuel economy

02 LEGENDEX 70 Series dyno V11You are guaranteed to gain at least 10% power in the rev range where you need that extra torque – towing and climbing those big hills. Less turbo lag and more responsive power. When combined with the right tune, power gains are typically 20 to 35%. Most customers see fuel savings from 8-12%. A Legendex exhaust will not void your new vehicle warranty – so it is the logical choice for easy power gains.

3. Reduced engine temperatures

03 79 series dump LEX v1 2It’s a common complaint – engines over-heating when you are touring – but it need not be so. The fact is stock exhausts restrict exhaust gas flow creating higher engine temps because the hot gas is not escaping as fast as it could. The engine works harder, is less efficient and that also drives up engine temps.

Legendex have ceramic coated dump pipes as standard. This coating insulates the engine bay from the exhaust heat by a reduction of 100-200 degrees C.

Plus, superior dump design and high-flow cats ensures the hot gasses are expelled more efficiently – the engine makes more power and operates cooler – great news especially if you’re towing uphill!

4. Unrivalled 10 year warranty

04 Unrivalled 10yr v1 2The terms of a warranty are a good indication of how long the manufacturer thinks their exhaust will last – and under what sort of treatment – sealed road or off-road where the real 4wders go. Because Legendex is built to outlast, we can confidently offer an unrivalled 10 Year Warranty.



5. Australia’s only off-road warranty & the only transferable warranty

Most stock exhausts are not covered by warranty when you’re driving off-road. If you have an after-market exhaust you are not covered either … except if you have a Legendex. Only Legendex carries a warranty that covers you off-road.

Legendex are so good they also carry Australia’s only transferable warranty – good news for your vehicle’s resale value.


Still not convinced?  Keep reading.....

Why Legendex is the Toughest

Legendary tough is proven fact. Genie Performance Exhaust has compared the new Legendex exhaust system with the next best heavy duty systems on the market. The results are revealing – Legendex is tougher and has over 3 times the life expectancy and durability.

See the comparisons yourself here.

Check out all the unique features that make Legendex the toughest…

Ceramic coated dump pipes

Dump v1Rapidly transfers the high exhaust temperatures out of the engine bay for cooler engine operating temperatures, cooler air intake and greater power. The coating also greatly extends the durability and life of the dump pipe by reducing extreme heat cycling metal fatigue. The coating reduces the exterior temperature by 110-120c. Pyro (EGT) fittings in the dumps are standard.

PLUS Legendex dumps are manufactured 30% thicker than other dump pipes.

High-spec high-flow Cats

Legendex cat v2sHigh flow diesel specific catalytic converters with 10yr warranty 200 cell stainless-core diesel catalytic converter built from stainless steel plus stainless heat-shield. The only cat in Australia that carries a 10 year warranty.


Ultra-strong flat-bar hangers

Flat bar hanger v3We developed an exclusive 270 degree gripper system to absorb vibrations and using 5mm flat-bar hangers to be ultra-strong. 


Polished stainless long life mufflers

Muffler cutaway v1sHeavy glass wool packing contained by stainless wool lagging inside the mufflers ensures they never need to be re-packed. In the cut-away photo above the stainless wool has been peeled back to show the stainless perforated tube beneath. Mufflers are straight through with all stainless internals prevents corrosion.


Ultra-strong rod hangers

Rod hangers v2sWe developed a collar system for hangers using 12mm rod and a collar that wraps the tube. This collar absorb vibrations and strengthens the tube.

Double-braid stainless flex

Legendex cat v2sMany competitors only use flex bellows with a single-layer of braid. Our stainless bellows are sandwiched two-layers of stainless braid.

800 degrees thermal paint

The pipework and fittings have a thermal paint coating which is exhaust rated to 800 degrees celsius (1470 fahrenheit). This reduces heat transfer to the vehicle body and under-car equipment and adds another layer of corrosion resistance. Some brands use paint that is only rated to 600c degrees. Exhaust gasses typically peak greater than 650c.. The aluminised coating on some other brands also begin to break down in temps over 600c – the aluminium begins to melt. This is never an issue with stainless. 

409 stainless steel tube

Legendex curve tag v2sMandrel bent 409 stainless tube is the superior choice for exhausts. This OEM grade stainless steel delivers the best corrosion resistance PLUS maximum heat cycling tolerance. Higher grades of stainless don’t tolerate heat cycling – they get brittle and crack. Aluminised mild steel handles the heat-cycling but has inferior corrosion resistance as it melts and breaks down with high exhaust temperatures. 

Better by design

Designed by Genie in Australia for the tough Aussie 4WD conditions, their systems tuck up high for maximum clearances for off-roading. They constantly revise their designs to fit new after-market accessories like airbags and long-range fuel tanks.

Heavy duty flanges

The 10mm thick flange system provides maximum strength and the low-profile 2-bolt system doesn’t suffer from the clearance issues that 4-bolt flanges can have.