Absolute Power head v1

Legendex power module v11
A Powerful Synergy

Pairing the new Legendex Power Command Module with a Legendex exhaust more than doubles the grunt & rumble - but we know you can handle it.

Unique performance - It’s the only enhanced power module specifically performance tuned for your Legendex exhaust. Most after-market chips are tuned for the smaller, more restrictive stock exhausts - sending unnecessarily high fuel pressures. Now you can safely get
maximum gains from your Legendex exhaust.

You’re guaranteed better results ...
+ up to 40% hp & torque gains (on ‘responsible’ setting)
+ significantly increased fuel economy
+ cooler engine temperatures
+ extended engine life from more efficient power
... when paired with your Legendex exhaust.

Safe, reliable gains - The Legendex Power Command Module operates within your engine’s factory safety parameters so it will not void your factory warranty. Plus you’re covered by the 5 Year Legendex Off-Road Warranty.

Easy fitting - Simply plug it in then dial in the level of power you desire - from responsible to absolute corruption.

79 exhaust PCM dyno v4

Dyno of a 2014 Landcruiser comparing all possible exhaust & PCM configurations. Maximum gains are achieved with the Legendex exhaust and PCM together. That combination also runs the leanest air/fuel ratio - most desirable because it’s the coolest & most economical.